About the owners


Kuzmik Custom Painting was started by Tom Kuzmik and Jim Brennan based on their passion for painting and working for their community.

Kuzmik Custom Painting is a family owned and operated business. Tom & Jim are cousins who have been in the painting industry for over 40 years and are well known and respected in the community & Repeat customers drive their business.

Tom, a renowned artist started his painting career at the age of 16. Tom’s career has led him to sell his paintings to museums, owned his own painting company and today applies his knowledge and experience to Kuzmik’s customers.

Jim a former professional basketball player and business owner in Switzerland, has been painting for over 35 years. Jim used to work in social services with emotionally disturbed children, was in the Jesuit Volunteers for 2 years and worked with PINS kids and gang members. Jim’s professional experience is also in Interior Design, Color Matching, and customer service.

Together Tom and Jim have experience, knowledge and expertise that is unmatched in the community. Tom and Jim have a solid work ethic and believe in doing excellent work at a fair price.

Our Dedication to you

CIMG0062.jpgMost customers are concerned with 3 things when getting their house painted. Painting Cost, longevity, and look. There is an old saying when it comes to cost. “You get what you pay for.” This can’t be more true than in the service industry.

We always suggest that a customer get a few estimates and ask questions of each contractor. Each estimate is going to be different because each contractor is different. It’s all about paying attention to detail, doing the job right the first time and being fair in price! Fairness and integrity go hand in hand! If you’re not being fair in price you have no integrity! Any contractor who is fair, honest and responsible brings integrity to the table. That is what Kuzmik Custom Painting is all about!

We at Kuzmik Custom Painting believe putting a fair price on our professional skills that is affordable to the home owner is a win win situation for both parties! It is a two way street! With most estimates, you will find that some are low and some very high. Be careful of both! In any profession, it takes years of practice and knowledge to get to a professional level. This applies to any industry and painting is no exception.

CIMG0074When it comes to longevity, again the old saying applies. “You get what you pay for.” The materials you decide to use have a direct effect on how long your paint job will last. Choosing a quality paint and a professional contractor is in direct connection to the type of job you receive. So, if you have any questions on what type of prime and paint to get, we will be more than happy to suggest the best paint for your specific needs, at the most affordable price that fits your budget! Surface preparation[prep work] and priming is also critical when it comes to a job done right the first time. If you don’t know what prep work is and what it entails, or why prime is used and what its function is, ask all of the contractors you have bidding on your project! The answers are clear, simple and essential to a long lasting job, that is done right!

CIMG0811.jpgThe look of your house has a lot to do with what colors you choose and the sheen that comes with them! So, if you have any questions on what type of colors and sheen to choose for your specific needs, we will help you make the best choice possible!

Painting your house does more than add color! It gives your home the ability to resist the forces of nature. How your home does this depends on the amount of prep work done on it, whether it was primed, and the quality of paint used! We know it can be stressful choosing a contractor, the right materials, and the right colors!

That’s why we suggests you get a few opinions and estimates, to get a feel for what is out there. We believe that after meeting with us, you will know that we bring professionalism, fairness and integrity to the table! Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about us and the services we can provide to your home improvement needs! Peace.